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    How do I embed my video into a web page

    kjhart0133 Level 1

      OK, here's the situation.  My wife is an elementary school teacher/librarian, and she and I recently made a short video with the fifth grade class.  We took lots of video and edited it down to a six minute film using Premier Pro CS6.  We successfully made a DVD using Encore so the kids can view it on the classroom TV.  She also uploaded a private video to You Tube using Media Encoder to make an H.264 file.


      Now she would like to embed the video into the school's Web Page, which would only be visible to teachers, parents and students.


      My wife has some rudiments of HTML, enough to make and maintain the school Web Page, but does not know how to embed the video into the web page.  Is there anyone out there who can render a bit of assistance?


      Thank you,


      Kevin H.


      P.S.  We have Premier Pro CS6, Mac Mini running OS 10.7.4