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    Title Editor - Logo Transparency Problem

    Eric_Knopp Level 1

      Hi folks. Been lurking for a  while, but my first real headache has arrived. I did a search but didn't find anything helpful.



      I have a project in Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.0), and I created a title graphic (background image for the names of people being interviewed) in PS CS6 Extended (13.0 x 64). The client would like a portion of the title graphic to be more transparent.


      That's easy. I went into PS, reduced the transparency of those particular layers to 76% and resaved it as a PSD file.




      Here's where it gets weird: when I import the new file as a logo in the Title window (Title > Logo > Insert Logo), the layers on which I reduced the opacity refuse to display. The company logo (transparency untouched) is there, but the rest does not display.



      When I import the merged PSD file/image onto the timeline in PP, though, the whole graphic shows up perfectly, with the desired areas being more transparent.



      Any ideas why the transparency change is resulting in a total loss of the layers when imported into the Title editor?


      I have tried everything I can think of, including exporting as PNG-24, and a crappy looking GIF to preserve the transparency, but those have the same problem. I can of course, export to JPEG, but then I lose the transparency.



      Any ideas?


      Many thanks.



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          wfmc staffer Level 2

          Save a copy without layers. After you import the file into title maker, make sure that there are no shadows or strokes applied to it.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Create a new PSD matching your sequence properties.  PS now has some video presets just for the task.  Be sure to make the background transparent.  Create yourself a 'title template' right there in PS and bring that into PP.  Use it as a background under your titles.

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              Eric_Knopp Level 1

              Hello, folks!


              Thank you for the replies, and sorry for taking forever to get back here. Got swamped with some other projects.



              Short of it is, neither option worked.



              WFMC staffer:


              Did exactly as you said. As soon as the gradient starts, there is a hard line and the image just ends.

              I even tried this method in conjunction with Jim Simon's instrcutions and still no dice.





              I understand what you're saying but it seems ridiculous.

              The idea of having the logo option in Title maker is so that you can add images to your titles.



              What you are suggesting bypasses the problem completely (so yes, it is a solution), but requires two video layers (one for title, one for image) instead of one, and then you have to match the text title to the image or vice versa.

              I like the all-in-one approach where I can do what I should be able to do and add the image into the title and control it as one unit, which would only make sense. It is, after all, one title.



              I have screen shots. The first is what's happening when I import the image into Title Maker.


              Screen Shot 1.jpg



              The second is what the logo is supposed to look like as designed in PS. It's much wider and has the gradient to transparency.

              Screen Shot 2.jpg




              Any further thoughts?



              Thanks for your help! It's truly appreciated.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                It looks like there is something, like a Garbage Mask, that is cutting off the right-hand portion of the PSD.


                Though it was done in an earlier version, here is a similar Lower-Third with a charity's logo, and a gradient, that was placed over Video with a Title (for the Text) above it. The Transparency came through, just as designed:



                That Lower-Third was created in PS, using the 720 x 480 Preset, on a Transparent background, then just Imported into PrPro as Footage, where it was used in conjunction with a Text Title.


                Other than something, like Garbage Matte, or the Crop Effect, I cannot imagine what is killing your Gradient.


                Good luck,



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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  I can do what Bill did using a gradient. Unfortunately, I am not much of a Photoshop guy, and I can't figure out how to use a gradient on a texture - and I think that is what was done on Eric's lower third.

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                    jvknowles Level 1

                    Hey Eric,


                    Did you ever solve this issue? I'm still seeing it in CC 2015.2, driving me crazy!



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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      Just avoid it. The Titler in Premiere Pro just doesn't like partial transparency in alpha channels.


                      Either create it in the Titler, or use it on a separate track. Do not insert it as a logo.