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    Why do my fills change colour or disappear in transit?


      I've had this or similar problems in Flash for years and I'm told it's not uncommon but I can't seem to find a reason for or solution to it.


      If I've drawn an image consisting of fills using the brush and bucket, sometimes when I select that image and move it, copy and paste or convert it to a symbol some fills will turn black and/or disappear entirely.


      Example: http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/5504/flashfillerror.png


      In the past I've tried to get around it by reshaping/redrawing certain fills or cutting those fills out and re-applying them once the image is a symbol (though astonishingly when I do that if I don't lock the new layer immediately the re-applied fills will vanish entirely, leaving the keyframe blank) but that can often be a hassle and since it shouldn't be happening in the first place I was hoping there was a solution to it.


      As I said it's happened to me in earlier version of the package but right now I'm using CS5.5 on Windows 7.