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    Drawing pathItems that end up grouped

    Mike_Sans Level 1

      How do I go about drawing many items that end up grouped?


      I have:



      cropMark.setEntirePath([[(tl.x-offset), tl.y], [(tl.x-lineLength),tl.y]]);



      I'm obviously going to end up with 8 of them; how do I script their such that they end up grouped once I'm done?

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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          make a group and create your marks in that group



          var idoc = app.activeDocument;
          var yourGroup = idoc.groupItems.add();
          var cropMark1 = yourGroup.pathItems.add();
          cropMark1.setEntirePath( Array( Array(30, 50), Array(30, 100) ) );
          var cropMark2 = yourGroup.pathItems.add();
          cropMark2.setEntirePath( Array( Array(40, 100), Array(100, 100) ) );