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    Warp Stabilizer Help

    atlnycdude24 Level 1

      I have a question. I've used Adobe After Effects CS5.5 to stablize my footage using warp stabilizer. I've created a stablized and unstablized version of the footage to see both the unstable and stable version to see the finished stable version. But i would like to export the stable version so i can add the footage to some other video editing software to finish my project. Also the original video has a dimension of 1080 by 720 and export as a .mov video so i wouldl like to keep the same values when i imported to After Effects. Please help since i'm still a newbie. Thanks in advance.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Type Rendering in the Search Help field at the top right of the composition. Read Up.


          Here are the basics.

          • You render at the same dimensions and frame rate that you have in your composition.
          • The default render settings are lossless and I think no audio. Make sure you turn on the audio in the output module settings if you need audio.
          • Your rendered file will be huge, not playback smoothly with the media player of your OS, but it will be OK for production.
          • To bring a composition into the render cue first select the composition, then go to Composition>Add to Render Cue
          • Do Not Use File>Export. This will not give you anything useful in the production pipeline.

          Read through the Getting Started materials here and view a few of the tutorials.


          Also, it's nearly impossible to answer problem with AE questions unless we know the details of your project. Procedures are a bit easier to answer without all of the info, but the more you give, the more likely you'll get an on target answer. Please include your OS, your AE version, your project details. I only know that you're using CS5.5 and your project is 720P square pixels. That's barely enough to start.

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            atlnycdude24 Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            Thanks for your response. Here is what I'm trying to do. I am in the process of making a gift for my girlfriend so the specs of the project goes that I show her some footage then afterwards a very nice song starts playing with a picture slide show plus a credit sequence at the end. I pretty much can handle that part since I'm planning to use Windows Live Movie maker. The issue is the jerky footage and I wish WLMM has the capability and the knowledge how to correct the issue. That is why I planning to use AE to correct the issue. I'm aware of the increase of file but it's only a three minute recording.Afterwards, I'm going to bring back to WLMM to finish off the project. The operating system that I'm using is Windows 7 Professional.

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              atlnycdude24 Level 1

              I just remembered I can render as  h.264 (quick time) and have a good file to work with plus i'm going to work on WLMM and post it on youtube.. I need to start doing the project first on AE but great tips are always welcome.