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    Placing text-style mapping issue

    SueCampbell54 Level 1

      I have a weird problem I hope some can help me solve. Placing text: I've mapped all my styles and nothing but body text is applied to the master frame—no character style. But when I place text it always applies the character style (italics in text) up to the point where that style is actually applied for the first time in the Word doc. Then it resumes normally. I've tried everything. What's going on?


      I would like to upload docs but I can't figure out how. But you can find my word doc and a chapter doc from the CS6 file that exhibited the problem on this dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vvr00hkm6dg5bmp/WtnQ5W9eUl

      the Indesign file is properly formatted, but if you delete the text and reimport (turn on import options to use my style mapping—do those come along with an INDD doc?) you should see that it will be italics through the work "looked" in the 7th ¶. And it shouldn't be.


      When I imported the file it would show Italics in text (in Garamond INDD  char style) down to the first Italics in text (char style from Word) which would be in Times (presumably from Word.


      I fix it by selecting the text up to the point of the "Times" and turned off the char style. Then proceeded to style as per usual. (None of the styles would map properly because the Word doc was all style in Body Text ¶ styles. (Dontcha love that?)