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    problem on ps cs6 3d panel

    captain masr

      Hello there

      i have just upgraded to ps cs6 extended ( and downloaded the updates )  but i had a disastrous problem :


      each time i use the 3d ...it work alright but when i move to the 3d panel and try to just browse the options like ((show all 3d mesh & 3d extrusion .. Mesh ...Deform...Cap)) - my labtop stop woking suddenly ... & i have to shut it down enforcely ...it is a pity for me cuz till now i couldnt even browse the new of the 3d in ps cs6


      i uninstall the programme ..and reinstall it but the same thing happened again ..


      so i really need your help with this issue


      i use win 7 64x ... core is 3 labtop


      thank u in advance


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