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    desperate!! detect a button press in loaded swf

      CS3, AS2

      Please I am desperate for help with this, its the last problem to solve.

      I have a client who has supplied a mp3 player to be used in the site.
      It is made by swish jukebox which means I only have a swf.
      (swish jukebox just auto creates a mp3 player via a simple interface, no fla file)
      I load it into a empty movie clip.

      I need to detect when the play button on the mp3 player is pressed.
      I have determined the name and path of the play mc.

      The button/movie clip is created at runtime, my feeble reading on events and listeners makes me think this makes a difference to how its handled.

      anyway this is the button path in my main movie, empty being the mc I load it into, PLAY being its name
      this is correct I have made it move to check

      some info I found says this is the function associated with the play button
      function audioPlay() {
      // ==================================================
      // To bind to PLAY button
      // ==================================================
      isPaused = false;
      if (this.Buffer != undefined) {
      this.Buffer = "off";
      } else {
      this.Buffer = "on";

      If someone could just show me how to listen for the press and trigger a simple trace() that it was clicked I will be fine.

      If needed I can upload a file of the mp3 player or a text file of all the actionscript I think it contains. (from a tutorial of how to build a mp3 player using swishmax which looks to be identical to what the jukebox package does)

      Please someone bail me out
      I am supposed to demo on friday!!!