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    Where is my Extension in InDesign CS6 ?

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      Recently we migrated to InDesign CS6 and Mountain Lion OS.

      This is my first trial project on Flash Builder 4.6 and Extension Builder 2.0.

      I crated a sample project and running the project right from Flash Builder by Right click on my project Run As--> 1 Adobe InDesign Extension

      So far so good, But as I reach in InDesign to see execute my extension, I don't find any Extension other then Kuler in Window-->Extensions.


      Could any one help me out to find out my extension?




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          emerasoft.srl Level 1

          I have to admit I never tried Extension Builder 2.0 with FB 4.6; I would prefer to stay on FB 4.5.x because the Design Mode is still working while on 4.6 it is not (if you are targeting CS version older than 6). Related to your problem, could you please verify your test extension is copied while executing in the right path? It should be here:

          /Users/<yourusernamefolder>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions/


          If your extension is there, check the project properties carefully (right click + Properties) and check the Flex SDK used in the Flex Compiler property.


          Hope this could help



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            Mac_06 Level 2

            Thanks for addressing the issue Luca, With Flex SDK 4.6, It was really not registered in CS6ServiceManager/extensions/.

            But I got it, how to deal with, so here is my finding:


            Copy Flex SDK 4.5 to <sdk root> in your flash builder, where you should see only SDK 3.6 and SDK 4.6

            Go the preferences and set Flex SDK 4.5 as your default SDK and here we go.


            I'm not sure why Adobe has removed Design mode from Flash Builder 4.6. AFAIK they are promoting more on uses of HTML5. I would appreciate if someone elaborate more on this.