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    CS4-Page numbers & Sections??


      I'm currently active in InDesign CS4 & am trying to change the page numbering & make new sections on an old document.  I've tried "Layout>numbering & Section" options but no go...I've got a 125 page document that i want to change the first 10 pages to a new section without disrupting the numbering for the rest of the pages....In the end, I'd love to have an entire book with two secitons, Section 1 in Roman Numerals i,ii,iii...etc (for the opening section) & regular (1,2,3,...etc) for the rest of the book....


      None of the "Page Numbers & Text Variables" & Section Markers do any good.....


      What am I doing wrong???


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          nycboy25 wrote:


          None of the "Page Numbers & Text Variables" & Section Markers do any good.....


          Text Variables have nothing to do with page numbering; Section Markers ... hm. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place? Those commands insert page number codes into your text, they do not set the starting values.


          To change page numbering (both starting number and style), use "Numbering & Section Options" from the flyout menu in the Pages Palette. See also http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-7111a.h tml

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            Can you describe how you tried to use section and numbering options to do this and how it failed? Typically you would start with a consecutively numbered document all in one section, then divide it. There are really two steps involved, making the new section and selecting the start number, and changing the numbering style for one section so ID can differentiate between pages that have the same logical number assigned. You can do them in either order.


            In the Pages panel, select the page you want to start your new section and choose Numbering and Section Otions from the context menu by opening the panel flyuout menu or right-clicking the page icon. Check the box at the top of the dialog to start a new section, click the radio button to "start numbering at" and enter the start number, and pick a number style from the dropdown. Click OK.



            If you've done this as the first step, and the numbers in this section repeat numbers from a previous section and use the same numbering style ID will complain about duplicate numbers. To correct this, go to the first page of the other section and open the dialog again, then change the number style (in your case to Roman numerals). If you change to Roman numerals on the first page before adding the section, you can change back to Arabic numerals when you add the section and ID won't complain, but either way you have to do both things.

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              nycboy25 Level 1

              Many thanks for all the great ideas so far but i suspect that what i'm doing wrong is NOT using the "Page" menu for a starting point of sections & page numbers...


              Will try this next & see what happens......


              Maybe now I can get something done right????

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                Many, many thanks for all the help...I've now solved what I was doing wrong...not using the "Page" menu is just NOT smart...I now have all the right pages with all the right numbers/symbols being used....


                Again...many thanks for all the choices to learn to clean out all the old cob/webs stashed upstairs where they shouldn't be...getting older is NOT for sissy.....

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                  Again Mr. Peter..you have done it again...the idea for using the "Pages" menu did the trick & I now have all the right page numbers & symbols where they should be....Now to find a faster way to print all this fun stuff.....


                  Again, many, many thanks.....