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    Customizing Native Menu in Flex




      I am developing a flex panel. The panel have a combobox and my current requirement is that combobox dropdown opens outside the panel bounds. Like the "Character Panel" of Photoshop in which the font name combobox dropdown opens outside the panel bound.


      I came acrros such discussion in this fourm (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2929503) and came to know about "flash.display.NativeMenu". I tried this solution, but I was not able to customize it as per my reqirement.

      I wanted it to open at a particular location in my panel. Also I wanted to add a scroll bar into it, a check mark against the item chosen from it but was not able to do so.


      Is there any way I can customize it according to my needs? Or is there any other alternative way to open the combobox menu outside the panel bounds?


      Thanks in advance.