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    Live Corners - Not working in CS6


      The simplest of things - using Live Corners in InDesign - when it's working!


      I had some issues with ID a little over a week ago and St. Peter Spier helped me out with them. Hoping Peter can help on this one, too.


      I can edit the corners using the Object . . .Corner Option menu commands, but not on the frame itself. The yellow diamonds move around the frame but nothing happens.


      I looked online to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue but came up empty.


      Thanks for your help.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't use this feature a lot, so my first guess was there was a None setting applied as default that was sticky, but in experimenting I see that it SHOULD change even when I explicitly reset the option to None from the menu before adding any objects, so my next thought is you should try trashing your prefs. see Replace Your Preferences


          And while I'm flattered, St is not how I usually spell my name.

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            pbell707 Level 1

            Dear Peter:


            I reset the Preferences twice; the first time no difference w/Live corners. I did it a second time, and then I shut down the computer, and Live corners worked the next day when I started the computer and opened ID.


            Less than two minutes after I launched ID, I got a message that I had to finish registering my copy of ID - the same thing that happened about two weeks ago - and ID shut down until I could get the computer over to the college to get them to register the username and password.


            This registration nonsense has been a real pain in the butt. Now I wonder about the next time I have to reset the Preferences. Will InDesign shut down on me again, until I "complete the Registration process?" Calling Adobe hasn't worked, (l-o-n-g waits; being disconnected multiple times; not getting the correct answers).


            Thanks for your help. I do appreciate your responses very much!




            PS - Live corners is working again . . .

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Resetting the prefs shouldn't affect the regaistration in any way, so I'm baffled.

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                pbell707 Level 1

                Cue theme song from "The Twilight Zone."


                Peter, I don't get it, either. All the years I've been working with Adobe products and this is a first. Of course, Adobe's volume licensing is a new thing.


                I think the registration issues are tied to that. Our techs are mystified too, but since I'm the only one having the issue - I'm the only one teaching ID w/volume licensing using Windows 7 - it has been left to me to find the answer. Grrr.



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Actually, that cued a thought.


                  I advise the student papaer at the local Community College, and they just switched to Win 7, too. When we first log in and start ID we get asked to activate or register or some such (been a week, and I've forgotten exactly what the message is, and I'm not sure I haven't seen both). I've also seen screens telling me the Trial will expire in 00 days. We're able to just click through those screens or cancel them, and ID and the rest of the suite work fine.


                  I know there are IT guys out there who have figured out how to create a deploy file that works and eliminates that annoyance, but it's beyond my pay grade, and apparently beyond the abilities of the guy who set up our installations, who hates all things non-Microsoft.