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    CS6 creates HTML5 and warns of incompatability on the fly...true ?

    Envirographics Level 1


      A good reason to get an upgrade from CS5 to CS6 is that CS6 can output as HTML5 so I am told. As there are features in flash that HTML5 can't reproduce, I am told that you can elect to have CS6 warn of these as you use them in your project when you first start the project,  some setting you select maybe , rather than find out the hard way when the project is done and ready to be exported as HTML5, is this true ?


      Is CS6 for HTML5 a good route to take or is it best to get the Adobe Edge program to create HTML5 ?


      If I were to stay with CS6 I could at least use my existing graphics drawn in Freehand (Macromedia :-)  now Adobe...grrr !) which I stepping stone into CS5 via Flash 8, support being dropped in CS5 by Adobe (grrrr again !)  I bet Edge hasn't Freehand support. I cant go over to redrawing years of work in Illustrator, its an awful prog for those used to Freehand, Illustrator ex Freehand users also agree.