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    Extra space in bullet lists

    r.laviolette Level 1



      First, I'm using RH9.  I'm having a problem with the way bulleted lists are appearing in Word (docx).


      I've been trying all kinds of things to figure this out and this is my last hope!  I've tried to adjust the css file and that doesn't seem to help.  I didn't know if this is something that switching to RH10 would fix, I haven't tried that.


      In RH9, I created a new blank project, added these into the First Topic and clicked the Bulleted Lists button.



      When I generate a Word (docx) document, my list appears with a lot of whitespace between the top of the list and the first item.


      How can I get rid of the extra whitespace?  I use these a lot in my project and don't want to have to correct these manually.