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    Manage/Configure workflow email notifications




      I have a problem related to workflow email notifications.


      If enabled, CQ5 sends to workflow initiator email messages when a workflow changes status (start, block, ends).


      Previously I noticed that in a clustered environment, these notifications were sent 'twice' (once from the master and once from the slave, even if the workflow is *always* executed only on the master as per specification).


      Hence I disabled workflow notifications on the slave, receiving only one notification (this sounds strange to me... why slave is sending the notification?).


      Now I have a different problem some authors require to receive notifications, some others not. For example, activate notifications.

      How this can be achieved with CQ5?


      I have seen (and tested) the possibility to monitor workflow execution with a simple java class in a bundle, acting as a listener for all workflow events. With this listener I can receive notifications of all status changes of all the workflows: Inside this java code I can make a check on the type of workflow, on the payload, on the initiator and so decide if to send an email or not.


      This is a solution that should work fine, but I wonder if CQ5 has already something giving me the possibility to configure such a behaviour.


      Any idea?