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    Need help understanding Pagination

    patpai Level 1

      Good morning everyone,


      Im new to liveCycle and so far i think the hardest concept to understand is without a doubt PAGINATION and flow.


      Im basically trying to show, at run time of my form, a splash screen, which in turn will allow me to show a second page if i press a button.

      But doing this is tuff for me. I need your HELP please.


      Here is what i did so far:


      1.Created 2 master pages

         first one is a very small size (Like 4"X6") - called : SPLASHScreen (SS)

         second one is a Legal size - called: MainArea


      2. added a subform on each of the master pages.

         2.5 At runtime of my form, i do a "hide" on my MainArea

         (Up to here, it works, i only see my SS and canot see a second page at all, even if i scroll down)




      3. On SS, i added one button, that when pushed, will hide my SS and show my MainArea.

      This is the part that im having a lot of issues with;

      I do a HIDE on SS and a VISIBLE on page 2, but what i get is a blank SS page followed by my second page.


      What im trying to do is to have the SS complety disapear so that i only see My MainArea page (nothin else)


      But what ever pagination combinaision i try, i can not, for the life of me, get that result, it hides the content on my SS but the actual SS page stays there, so i need to scroll down to see my second page (MainArea)


      But i just want to see MainArea only when that button is pressed, nothing else



      What im I doing wrong here?



      Thank you very much,