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    Default object style


      I have created a default graphics frame object style which has no stroke and fills the frame proportionately. This works well for my workflow.

      However... when I use the line tool to create a rule on the page, it  defaults to the same graphics frame object style. Which has no stroke. Which is a bit annoying.

      Is there a way to have different default object slyles for a frame and a strke?

      Any info/help much appreciated.



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          Kalajda Level 1

          Hi, it is hard to judge. Maybe special object style with keyboard shortcut for the rule would solve the problem.

          I found similar behaviour during import of text from MS Office - (I set both default character and paragraph formats to text frame acording my wish and imported text takes over any different style - I can not observe any rule).

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            How are you using the default graphics frame, otherwise?


            I ask, because ID is hard coded to throw away the object style for graphics frames when you draw them or place a graphic -- those frames immediately revert to the [None] object style and have no stroke or fill, so you wind up having to assign a new style anyway if you need one (there is an exception to this for CS4 and newer -- if you create a Style named Place Gun Frame that style definition will be used for all frames created on the fly when placing graphics, even if it isn't selected as the default).


            Since there's not a lot of chance that the default graphics frame style is being used the way you expect, you might want to change it so it works with the Pen, Line and shape tools instead.