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    New Layer Via Copy from Extension


      Hello everybody,


      I'm trying to create a new layer using the Layer > New > Layer Via Copy functionality... and I did scan the code using the Scripting Plug-in with this result:


      var idCpTL = charIDToTypeID( "CpTL" );

      executeAction( idCpTL, undefined, DialogModes.NO );


      Then I did convert it to:


      var application:com.adobe.photoshop.Application = Photoshop.app;

      var idCpTL:Number = application.charIDToTypeID( "CpTL" );

      application.executeAction( idCpTL, undefined, DialogModes.NO );


      But this code raises this exception:


      Error: NULL pointer was encountered

                at flash.external::HostObject/__call()

                at com.adobe.csawlib::CSHostObject/hostCall()

                at com.adobe.photoshop::Application/executeAction()


      I've tried to change "undefined" for "null" or any other idea... but with no luck. What am I doing wrong here?


      Thanks a lot!