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    Merge pdf page

    Jonathan Bardet

      Hi everyone !


      I would like to merge pdf documents : I have a client who wants to send a PDF to several people. Each person puts his annotations (like comments) into the document.

      Then, I get all pdf (always the same, with several comments) and merge it in one PDF with all comments.


      I thought I was able to do it with a simple DDX file, but I can't find a way to do it !


      How can I do it ?


      Thank's for your help !


      FYI, the configuration is : LiveCycle ES + Reader Extensions (I don't think that's help).

      (I hope I post in the right place to ask this.)

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          Jonathan Bardet Level 1

          I find a way to do this, but I still have a problem : some comments which are near the same position in 2 or more PDF are not displayed nor assembled. To be exact, only one of them are kept in the output file.


          Have you any idea how to solve this ?


          Thanks for your help !


          FYI, this is how i assemble them :

          <Comments result="allComments.xfdf" format="XFDF">

               <PDF source="doc2" />

               <PDF source="doc3" />


          <PDF result="output.pdf" save="FastWebView">

               <PDF source="doc1" />

               <Comments source="allComments.xfdf" />