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    Anchor Point Issue


      I'm looking to have an achor point in the middle of an image for all frames leading up to one point, then have the anchor point switch to a different point, and then finally have the anchor point switch back.  I tried doing this with keyframes on the anchor point, but the problem is that when I move the anchor point in a second keyframe (the first keyframe having the original anchor point position), the position of the image changes when I go back to frames before the second keyframe. 


      In other words:

      I'm trying to move the anchor point without affecting the position of the image for this particular animation.  Animating the anchor point seems to affect the position of the image.  What can I do?  Keyframe the position to stay still? Is there a better way?

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          420jammer Level 1

          Okay, so I made a workaround by duplicating the layer and changing the anchor point, but this seems like kind of a weird workaround, and I feel like somehow probably knows a better way.


          p.s. Do you guys ever have moments working with AE where you are like, "This program rocks."?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The first question I have is why do you want to do that?

            If you're doing a rotation or scale around the anchor point and you want to change the axis as the animation proceeds then I could possibly understand, but this is kind of a wonky workflow to me.


            Be that as it may, try adding this expression to your position value:

            apAdjust = anchorPoint  - [width, height]/2;
            value + apAdjust


            Changing the anchor point will now now not change the position of the layer. This will work for 3D and 2D layers.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              What Rick said. It's a pretty atrocious workflow. You better learn the fine art of building hierarchies using parenting for this kind of stuff...



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                420jammer Level 1

                Can you be more specific please, Mylenium?  I'm interested in creating as clean workflows as possible, so this could be a learning opportunity for me. 


                Thank you Mr. Gerard for the expression.