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    How can I fix my page numbering problem?


      I am creating a catalog in InDesign. Master pages were set up so the left and right pages had the page numbers in the lower outside corners.

      Today I moved some pages around, and as a result the left side pages are now right side, and vice versa.

      The problem I am facing is that on some of the pages, the page number is now in the inside corner, and on some of the pages, the page numbers are on both the inside and outside corners.  The numbering is correct, but the positions are wrong.

      I tried:

      1. Overwriting all master page items for the page, then trying to delete or move the page number, but there is a faint yellow box around the number and it cannot be deleted or removed.

      2. Applying the correct master page to the page I am trying to fix; this works in some cases, but in others it just places the new text boxes on top of the old ones.


      Any help would be appreciated! I am using CS6 on a Mac. My master pages include a text box at the top, a blank box to show the page with bleed, and a page number indicator.