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    Why are my documents printing incorrectly since I upgraded from InDesign CS4 to CS6?

    Laura Gilbert Design

      I recently replaced the HD on my MacBook Pro (successfully) and then upgraded from InDesign CS4 to CS6. All appears to work perfectly, except that my documents won't print correctly. On a landscape document, the first page will print correctly but the subsequent pages will be rotated. They print correctly if I send them to print one page at a time, or if I export to a PDF file first. I've tried moving and renaming the InDesign Defaults and InDesign SavedData files, after having used the re-boot method initially. I also re-installed the printer driver, re-added the printer, and re-booted everything multiple times. The last thing I tried was exporting one of the offending documents to an IDML file. I then opened that file and tried to print, but the result was the same. What else can I try? I'm a professional designer, so this is a huge problem for me. I would greatly appreciate some help in resolving this.