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    Progress Bar and Custom Class

    Rothrock Level 5
      According the the help files for the progress bar:

      In event mode, the source property specifies loading content that emits progress and complete events;...

      I have a custom class that dispatches (not sure exactly what kind of terminology emits is, is there an EventsEmitter class?) progress and complete events and I have set it as the source for my progress bar. But it doesn't show any progress.

      So I used another example from the help files of using the progress bar with a loader component and sure enough it shows the progress. So I thought I would inspect the events coming from the loader. Sure enough there is a progress event and its parameters included current and total for the bytesLoaded and bytesTotal. "AHA!" says I. I need to rename the my parameters. So I did, but it still doesn't work.

      So has anybody had succes getting a progress bar component to use a custom class in event mode?

      PS: It is not politically possible for me to not use the progres bar. :)