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    Page 8, article 3 - Flex Cookbook scanning text

    Steve Howard, ACP Level 3
      You have three images describing how readers scan the text of a page looking for relevant/interesting information,

      The first picture is annotated with the full text of your comments:-

      Users rarely read every word on application screens. Instead, they unconsciously use the screen’s visual hierarchy to decide what to look at. For the Flex cookbook, most users likely see the large main headings first, *** then scan the subheadings, ***and only then read the content that interests them. Note that most of the page goes unread.

      However, I've added asterisks (***) where the full comment is further split to add comment to the second two images. Strictly speaking you need to go back to teh annotation on the first image and remove all the text after the first set of asterisks shown above.

      [This is an excellent article by the way ... I just figured I should comment since you havea clear request that we do ;-)]