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    Last patch Malicious or has a virus


      This is more information than a question. I routinely click on updates for the flash player automatically, but thie time the intstall was viscious. The most recognizable symptom is that it overwrote my home page and even after I restored it, everytime the computer booted it overwrote it again, with some sort of "one..." screen and a yahoo search. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the malicious effects and finally did a system restore prior to that  point of the update. It was the only change to system since the restore point and as soon as I restored to the old point, which fixed the internet option problem back to what it was before, I started getting messages to do an adobe update again. This is part of the problem, not the solution. I want to, at a minimum, stop being told to update it every time I reboot the computer. I will never update if it continues to have those malicious effects. I have a standare, high end Intel/Microsoft Win64 system with nvidia video card. The question is how do I stop the notificiations or install the update without the malicious bullying of taking over my internet options.