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    Help or advice on Time Warp?

    ceggertjohnson Level 1

      I've only read a few Q&As about this trouble, and none have been posted since 2011, so I'm seeking help.


      I'm trying to use Time Warp for slow motion on a clip (taken on a Panasonic GH2, HD 1080 24p, AVCHD, .mts file).


      I add a 4 second clip to the layer that's been trimmed from a clip of, say 30 seconds in total. I only want the 4-second clip to be slow motion.


      I pre-compose the 4 second clip and extend that comp to 8 seconds. I apply Time Warp, and the clip has been slowed down by 50% (default speed), but the clip remains only 4 seconds long. And, unlike others who have had this problem, there is no way to pull the clip to the right to see the rest of the slow-down footage.


      And here's another even more interesting case I had when trying this. After applying Time Warp, the clip was changed to the beginning of the clip, not the 4-second section that I had trimmed it to.


      I've seen the advice that I should export the files in another format (Animation, etc.) that is more "friendly" to Time Warp. Which I've done, but seems so labor-intensive when dealing with a video project comprised of 50-70 clips, about 1/3 of which I'd like to add slow mo.



      I've also seen advice to enable Time Remapping on the pre-composed layer, but that did nothing for me.


      And I've also seen the advice to "loop" the footage as many times as you are adding time (2 for 200, 3 for 300).


      So, my questions are:


      1) Is there new information on using Time Warp? Some button or workflow that accurately makes clips slow motion. It's very frustrating to export clips from Premiere into a new format, then bring that into AE then export that clip and re-import it into Premiere. Ugh!


      2) Could this be something to do with timecode? It seems to me that Time Warp simply goes to the start of the clip, rather than keeping the clip trimmed at the points that an editor wants.


      3) Changing the layer's speed option: Doesn't seem to produce as smooth and silky slo motions as Time Warp. True? (I think so).


      Thanks for any advice/thoughts that can be shared.