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    Query about "enable" and output rendering

    Bernie at Clarity Level 1

      Hi - I'm working on what I hope is the penultimate cut of a filmed stage musical. It's a combination of footage from three camera angles over 2 performances. I've allocated a video track to each camera, and I'm using opacity changes to switch from one angle to another, e.g. to switch from one "over-the-shoulder" view to the other, or from a close-up on one performer to a medium wide of the chorus, and so on.


      Except for transitions I'm only using footage from one camera at a time (no split-screen), but the footage from all the cameras is still present in their own tracks. I've changed my mind about one angle vs. another in previous cuts and I want to leave all the footage there because I might make a different choice after feedback from the customer.


      This does put a bit of a load on PPro when having to render output, with roughly two-thirds of the footage not even required in the output - it's still there, but with opacity set to 0%.  If I de-select "Enable" in the clip properties for those clips I've chosen not to use in this cut, does that tell PPro to ignore it when rendering output, and consequently reduce the rendering workload? It might seem obvious, but I'd like to be sure before I start disabling hundreds of clips.


      PPro 5.5.2

      Win 7 Pro SP1

      Core i5

      8GB RAM

      c: - 100GB - OS + programs

      i: - 500GB - media

      n: - 500GB - renders, etc




      Bernie Dwyer