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    2 Adobe flash site issues..



      I have a script error message of.

      scene=scene1, layer=actions, frame=2, line=9. Error opening including file gs/datatransfer/xmlfunctions.as File not found.


      how do I fix this, I won't load my site when I hit publish preview. Have been fighting with the idiots of Template monster for over two weeks and no help.


      Questions 2:


      On my template I have a page that needs to be edited, the template monster people wont help and I do not have the slightest idea how to go about doing it.


      Simply put the "buttons" that should pull up a seperate little text on the page do not do anything. I need to know how to make the words into a clickable and how to set up so the text will show up(the text does not even exhist, each time I have tried the text either duplicates at every button or does not show up at all). I will send files its not too intense just don't know how to go about it.


      And one more question..


      How do I upload the site to register.com??? I am wits end, the uploading programs they have I don't understand.


      I want to use filezilla to publish site. but I need a walk through.



      Thanks sooo much in Advance.


      Need to get the site up ASAP.