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    HDV / Tape Capture not working at all!!

    FilmRiot21 Level 1



      I'm really hoping to get this question sorted out. So far this is the only issue keeping me from going to Adobe Premiere from Final Cut Pro 7.


      I have a Canon XHA1 that shoots HDV. When we plug into our Mac and use the capture feature in Premiere.  Premiere sees the Camera and I can play back the video. I can get all the way to actually pressing the captuing button. The footage plays though fine and it seems that everything is captuing fine. However, once it stops, the clips don't appear in the browser and the clips don't seem to save anywhere. I've tried several different things but I can't seem to get the footage to save.


      I then went to the Capture Scartch Folders and found an MP3 file. However, this mp3 file won't play all.


      Am I doing anything wrong here? Not sure whats going


      Thank you for all your help!