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    License issue using automation with QTP




      I'm trying to use QTP automation with my Flex application, but I'm getting this error:


      License not present. With the trial verison only limited records are allowed.


      I've read the various posts in this forum as well as other sites, and I'm still not able to get this working. I have Flash Builder 4.5, installed as part of Adobe Master Collection CS5.5, and compiled with SDK 4.5.1. I do see a license number in my license.properties file. I've added the following to the compiler arguments:


      include-libraries+="${flexlib}\libs\automation\qtp.swc","${flexlib}\libs\automation\automa tion_spark.swc","${flexlib}\libs\automation\automation.swc","${flexlib}\libs\automation\au tomation_agent.swc","${flexlib}\libs\automation\automation_dmv.swc"


      I have also verified that I have Flash Builder 4.5 Premium by testing the Network Monitor with my application, and I can enable it and see network activity.


      Can you please help me solve this issue?