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    3 cam Multicam 8 channel external audio


      I am looking to do a multicam edit which involves pulling up some pauses and talent flubs.  I would also like to slave along the 8 seperate channels of audio that is slate synced.  What I would like in the end is my multicam edit and 8 channels of audio (which includes any pull ups I did in the video with the audio still in sync.  Then edit in Audition and then  replace the 8 channels with the stereo mix from the audition session.


      I can't seem to find a way to do this.  I tried merging the 8 channels with all of the video clips before I set the multicam buit that did not work either.  Any help would be aprreciatted.



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          Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

          I'd like to hear what folks say about this too.  I'm trying to do a multicam with just two different tracks of audio. 


          The workaround I've come up with is to multicam the clips and then add and sync the second audio track (add audio slug if needed to keep everything in place).  At this point you can either rough edit your multicam *without* pulling up any bits (but flag them with a marker) and then go back and cut through all video and audio tracks.  Or you can cut through all the tracks as your editing.  I tend to flag the parts to delete and dedicate a whole session to cleaning them up just so I don't get things out of sync.  I also duplicate the rough sequence as insurance in case I screw up.  Not elegant but it works

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            Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

            I'm bumping this thread and expanding on it a bit. 


            I really like how Premiere treats a multicam like a nest.  I can move the pieces around if I didn't quite get the sync right and I can even add effects and color correction (though it's best to turn these off when actually trying to edit!).  I can even do all of these things to the nest at any point after I've started editing it in a sequence.  Very cool and useful!


            But multitrack audio still has me baffled.  I can send the multiclip nest to Audition and mix down the audio there. And I can do this at any point in the edit process.  I can turn on multiple audio tracks in the nest and they appear muxed in the sequence (understandable but unhelpful).  But the only way I can manage to send all of the tracks to Audition as multitrack from the edited sequence is (like I said above) to add each of the audio tracks and manually sync them up.  This essentially makes the multcam a "video only" multicam. 


            Is this correct?  Or is there a better workflow?