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    Network/Font-Performance Bug?


      Hi folks,


      We are a small advertising agency with about 10 graphic artists working on a HP Server over a CAT6/1GBit Network. Network-Speed between the clients and Server is perfect. All Project Files are stored on the server, Windows/Fonts (~1200 on each machine)/Apps are installed on local SSDs. Clients have mostly about 12GB Ram and I7 CPUs (2600k or 3770k). Adobe Cloud is installed on every Client (with the latest Indesign).



      When multiple Files are open (for e.g. 2 larger PhotoShop Docs and 3 Indesign Files), Indesign becomes unusable. The Problem is that TEXT-SELECTING and EDITING needs too much time. A click on textboxes with the text-tool needs several seconds (to initialize the fonts I guess) and also marking a text (with the initialized fonts of course) is very slow. The same problem occurs when the user stays in the text editing mode and moves the mouse through the top main menu – then all the submenus pop up very delayed.


      I always thought that Indesign is caching the open files in RAM/HDD (what ever) to make shure that the files can be handled with no performance issues, but I guess I was wrong. It looks like the Indesign text-tool refreshs all network-connections again when it’s getting activated.


      Taskmanager/rescouremonitor doesnt shows anything strange.


      How can we fix this problem?