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    Flex 2.01 Contract in Lawndale, CA ...

      Flex 2.01 Contract in Lawndale, CA 90260, on-site, no telecommuting, good rate.

      I'm looking for a smart individual who can hit the ground running on a Flex 2.01 application immediately.
      My company is working on a contract in Lawndale, CA. If you don't know where that is ... Google "90260, CA"
      I'm not sure how long the contract will be, but a minimum of three to six months, full-time, sounds about right.

      I'm looking for someone to design and build reports and charts connected to a vertical application designed in Flex 2.01 and backed by a Microsoft SQL 2005 database.

      There may be additional requirements for XML feeds and web services to be provided to an Internet audience. You will have to sign a very comprehensive NDA to work on this project.

      There are intellectual property rights issues which require the chosen candidate to work on-site, no telecommuting.
      Experience is a plus, but any sufficiently skilled Java programmer who is willing to learn action script should be able to fill the bill.

      We are going to need other expertise’s in the future … database tuning … uptime or availability consulting … we’re using JBoss as the app server … , but for right now … I just need a coder with awesome customer service skills.
      There isn't a lot of fancy code, very little Flex Data Services (FDS).

      We have simply encapsulated access to the database for ACID and very simply manage multi-user issues and are cranking on a client/server database application that happens to use a web browser as a deployment medium.
      Customizability(?) and Reliability were the two main criteria when we started.

      Please send pertinent parts of your resume and hourly rate requirement to me and we will talk.

      We will probably be upgrading to JBoss 5.0 and Flex 3.0 as those those releases mature.


      Thank You, Flex Developers!