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    How can I resize a shape tween without it looking wonky?


      Hi! I'm a beginner in flash animation, although I have used it to draw several years before.


      I have a simple problem that I can't seem to find the answer to. I've been looking in many places.


      Anyways, I have a stage at its default size of 550px x 400px. I thought it would be easy to change later on so I didn't bother making it larger in the beginning. Now that my design is complete, I want to make the stage bigger (to 1024px x 768px) AND stretch the graphics/ contents on the stage as well to more properly fit the larger stage. And I want this centered too as it is aligned to the left side now when I preview it in my browser. This would be a piece of cake if I didn't have a shape tween that looks like wind blowing hair in it!


      The dilemma is that when I resize the graphics, the shape tween ends up following those movements, thinking that it is part of the animation when it isn't supposed to be. My question is...how can I resize a shape tween without the keyframes following the movements I make? I just want a bigger version of the shape tween I already have set up and do not want it growing bigger/ changing position to be part of the animation!


      Please help. Thank you!