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    Designing Flash Website without distorting image




      I only have basic knowledge on how to create flash website.


      I have been researching on how to created flash website that can serve different sizes of browser without distorting the image.


      I have one good sample on www.topsun.de. Althought it is full size but the image always load nicely even if loaded at different sizes of monitor


      1. I am wondering how come no matter how they resize the browser or view in different monitor size, the picture or image still stay nicely without any distortion. Are they using vector image? For what I know if using bitmap image, the image will be distorted.


      2. What is the AS script did they use?


      3. Is it possible to do it this way? My maximum flash will be 1200 (w) by 720 (h). Any browser that is bigger than this will load 100% of 1200 by 720. If any browser than is smaller than the height will be scale proportionally to the browser and it will not distort any image that is loaded in the flash.


      Thank you in advance for any advise!