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    11.4 install on XP-Pro 32-bit MSIE crashes with Error: Line 1, ActionGtbCheck undefined in adobe.js

    Pradip_A Level 1

      Have been updating Flash via download for years on XP-Pro SP3 MSIE. Must say Adobe updates have been fraught with problems and frustration. Beginning two updates ago, the Update keeps crashing out with a yellow error notification window, saying Error in Line 1: ActionGtbCheck not found originating from Adobe.js. In frustration, I uninstalled Flash completely and started with a clean slate all over again. Verified that no Adobe.js exists anywhere in the system. Same error on new installation, not update. Now I have no Flash and can't download. On the Net, came across unending negative comments on the crudeness of Abobe software update tools compared to modern updating interface from other vendors. Anybody knows an way around this error ? Forgive my insensitivty.