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    StageWebView does not display a https website with captive runtime library on Android




      I'm working on a flex app for tablets (both iOS and Android) and it does not display a particular https website in a StageWebView. The strange thing is, that this issue happens only with this url (required for Google OAuth) and if I deploy the app with a captive air runtime library.


      I see the below stack trace in the system logs:


      W/System.err(26027): java.lang.NullPointerException

      W/System.err(26027):    at java.io.File.fixSlashes(File.java:185)

      W/System.err(26027):    at java.io.File.<init>(File.java:134)

      W/System.err(26027):    at com.adobe.air.JavaTrustStoreHelper.getX509TrustManagerFactory(JavaTrustStoreHelper.java:8 1)

      W/System.err(26027):    at com.adobe.air.JavaTrustStoreHelper.getX509TrustManager(JavaTrustStoreHelper.java:110)

      W/System.err(26027):    at com.adobe.air.JavaTrustStoreHelper.enumerateRootCAs(JavaTrustStoreHelper.java:195)

      W/System.err(26027):    at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method)



      If I deploy the same app with a shared air runtime library and no code change at all, there's no issue at all. Also no problems while debugging or executing from Flash Builder on the device.

      The issue happens only with this Google URL, it's all okay with Facebook's auth url (https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth).


      The device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on it.


      I would appreciate any idea with this issue.