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    problem with buttons




      i m currently working on my portfolio. therefore i decided to make an swf-file with indesign.


      my problem is the following: i have an grid of photos from several projects.

      5x5(25) photos from five different projects. the order of the photos is more or less random.


      by default all the photos have 40% transparency, if i roll over one photo of "project A" all photos of "project A" should have 100% transparency the photos of the other 4 projects should remain with 40% transparency. therefore i grouped the photos of each project and converted them into buttons(linked to the respective site).


      unfortunately the buttons are rectangles with the same frame as the group and not only the photos themselves.


      for example: i have four photos in one row - the first and the third photo belong to "project A"; the second and the fourth photo belong to "project B".


      the button for project A reaches from the first to the third photo, and the button for project B from the second to the fourth photo. so if i´d like to klick on the second photo(belonging to project B) its covered by the button for project A.


      so my simple question: is it possible to make a button in the form of two(or more) rectangles NOT touching each other? or is there an other solution to realize the idea?


      sry for my bad english


      kind regards,


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's kind of hard to visualize what you're describing without a picture.


          But, the short answer is: The active area of buttons is always a rectangle. It's a limitation of PDF.


          As to whether there's another way to do it, that's a design question, and I'm not a designer. Look through examples of files similar to what you're trying to create and see if others have come up with a solution to your problem.