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    Mac Pro with NVIDIA Question

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      We are in the process of installing NVIDIA Geforce GTX 680 cards in some of our Mac Pros to take advantage of Cuda in CS6.  I'm aware that when we do this we will not have video on boot, however, our concern is that if there is an issue with these systems while they are out on a job (they will sometimes be sent out on location) that we won't be able to troubleshoot them as easily.  For example, if we can't see video on boot then we won't be able to get into the ML reocvery partition or Safe Boot Mode.  My question is does anyone know of any type of work around for this?  We have considered purchasing some lower-end ATI cards that are supported by apple and just leaving them in the system in case we do need video on boot.  Is this our only option or does anyone know of any other type of solution?


      Your help is greatly appreciated!