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    How to Interlace Correctly? weird footage! and can I make 480p into 720p & still look good?


      Hello there Adobe Premiere Pro Forums

      I have a serval problem with my footage, ill share all the infomation and ill answer all Questions. i am a little desperate about this, it has annoyed me for Weeks.
      My projects are about creating funny videos using Game Footage for my friends on facebook.


      So I have this Hauppauge HD PVR Capture Device hooked up to my PC and I use my PS2 in this project.



      To get the Desired Frame for recording, i use the PS2's Progressive Scan option to get a 16:9 looking screen or else it will create a 4:3 looking screen

      NOTE: I use the Device's MPEG-2 TS-video feature, It is also able to do .Mp4 and .mpts, I dont know whats best for me.


      When recorded the footage looks like this: (notice the blackbars) As far I understand it records down a 16:9 image on a 4:3-ish looking screen

      2012-09-14_160658.pngIt is a MPEG-2 TS-video 720 wide and 576 in hight  and have 25 frames /second2012-09-14_161547.png

      Normally when I work with these files I would use another program to create the video files, and interlacing them. However this program HandBrake creates huge incompatible files, and that is not very useful

      Now.. Idd like to know how I can make this footage into a 1280x720p, but I am worried about the Interlace problem again, i have been editing and it shows up like this: 



      2012-09-14_163152.png and when the video is rendered it looks like this2012-09-14_155603.png

      I dont like this, and I dont understand the interlace options in Adobe premiere, Please help me. <3 <3 <3

      I am no expert about these signals, but i think 16:9 videos do not interlace for reasons i dont know.




      Also I am also a fan of good Quality video, I wonder if there is a way to make this footage look more clean than it does when I stretch it to 1280x720. Currently, it looks well stretched. Can i do anything about it? anything possible
      Please reply and help me, ill lick your boots.
      Best Regards Emeal