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    Exporting for printing in CS6

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      In CS6, things have changed quite a bit since CS4.


      Which would be the best export setting for either digital or prepress printing. I know there is a [High Quality] setting and a [Press Quality] setting, but am not sure which one to use for digital or prepress.




      UPDATE: Maybe I mean offset instead of prepress???

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          For offseet you'll probably want to use the Press Quality Preset or some variation that converts to CMYK unless the printer tells you otherwise (many printers are now asking for PDF/X-4, whcih does no color conversion and preserves profiles so they can do the conversions on their end). Digital printing is bit less clear since there is a very large range of equipment out there. Best bet is to ask the printer.