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    Need a server for ...?

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      My old server (2004) died and I needed another one, so I got a dual Xeon E5620 with 16 GB memory and used disks from the old server. No problem, but ...


      I no longer installed Windows Server 2008 but opted for ESXi 5.1


      It installed in minutes on a simple USB stick (no boot disk required, I could have installed it on a 2 GB stick but only had a 4 GB stick at hand), the disks were reformatted to VMFS and everything was running in a couple of hours, including the transfer of Active Directory and related stuff. This is a solution that may appeal to others as well. I can now manage my Exchange Server, File Server, Print Server or whatever other virtual server I have from my phone, an internet café or whatever from around the globe. It almost beats Adobe-Anywhere.