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    Updating Graphic from which MCs are made nukes MCs.

    Envirographics Level 1

      Flash CS5

      I have a graphic that has been imported to lib, it features spots each with a line of text, all converted to path beforehand. I drag drop to stage and resize smaller. I then have made movie clips of each spot and its associated text .

      I now realise the  text is too small on stage

      I redraw the graphic at source with larger text and save it by the same name. Import it to lib choosing to replace item. The existing artwork on my stage vanishes and an edit undo wont bring it back. Even the stage seems to change size.


      I try a simple experiment.

      1. File new (let this be file#1) and make a green circle, convert it to graphic, call it greencircle and set it to x 0 y0
      2. Copy this graphic from lib to clipboard
      3. File new (let this be file#2) and paste this greencircle to lib, drag drop to stage and make it red, set it to x0 y0
      4. Make it a movieclip call it redcircle
      5. Return to file #1 and make the green circle purple.
      6. Copy paste the graphic greencircle to lib of file #2, chose replace existing.
      7. The red circle vanishes.

      when I try that again the red circle goes  purple. Twice though before it vanished, even if the red circle was made a graphic not an MC.


      I am sure graphics have updated on stage when updated in libs, so why the vanishing act, which I was able to replicate initially with a simple test but now I cant, the graphic that matters though still refuses to update. If I paste the small text graphic into a new files lib and drag drop to stage, then paste into that lib the updated graphic, selecting update, it updates on stage.