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    Stuck Buffering


      When I pause my Presenter video for 30 or more seconds, I'm no longer able to start playing that or any other slide again. Instead I get buffering message. I notice I encounter this same problem if I jump to random slides too quickly. Does anyone know what might be the culprit and how I can resolve the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I'm using Presenter 8, with PowerPoint 2010. The problem occurs the same across browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).




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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee



          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          Are you viewing the published output on your computer or on an LMS ?


          Does it happen with a specific project or will all the projects ?




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            I'm having the same or similar issue described above - playback stops permanently due to "buffering."  In some instance the player is stuck upon start up as the player loads.


            Any recommendations?



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              VikramGaur Adobe Employee



              Does it happen when you view the published output on your Computer or on an LMS/Server ?


              Does it happen with a specific project or will all the projects  ?




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                jbkleinwi2 Level 1

                I'm publishing to an LMS.  This is the first project I've published to the LMS. 

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                  VikramGaur Adobe Employee



                  Did you try publishing to a different LMS ?


                  Are you uploading to a SCORM or AICC ?


                  As you testing can you try uploading a differnet LMS.




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                    Same exact problem here:  Presenter 8, PowerPoint 2010. I have tested it streaming from an LMS and also just from a regular server.  If a slide requires buffering while it is playing, it will often get stuck in the buffer state or skip the remaining slide content.  All browsers.  Any solutions out there?

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                      I also have the same problem mentioned as well.  I publish straight to the web with no LMS.  We get calls from customers who report buffering/loading issues.  We created a FAQ to try and work around the issue but it still occurs.


                      Below is a list of what we tell them to do.


                      1. Go to the Adobe/Macromedia Website Storage Settings panel
                      2. Click on the "Delete all sites" button
                      3. Click "Confirm"
                      4. Clear your web browser cache and cookies
                      5. Close all instances of your web browser
                      6. Reopen the course and it should play properly

                      This helps most of the time but not always.  Other than that, they can try a different browser and have success.  Sometimes customers who are in coroporate environments don't have much control over their browser settings and are stuck until they can watch the presentation at home.  This obviously isn't good for the customer.

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                        Hello from Germany,


                        same issue here with Presenter 8.01 Build 260 and Office 2007 & published to LMS from SumTotal - Playback with IE. Worst is that on the last slide after a Quiz it stops without playing the Audio & final animation 95% of the time (minimum)


                        Thanks for any solution/hint!





                        P.S.: Could provide samples

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                          APMatt Level 1

                          We sent all source files to Adobe tech support for trouble shooting and they couldn't recommend anything.  So after exhausing all other possiblilities, I found the solution in another forum. Unfortunately the answer is to switch software. I simply switched to Articulate Presenter and everything worked perfectly.  I am a big fan of Adobe software, but in this case it is seriously lacking in many ways.

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                            Erik, I've had the same problem, Presenter 8.0.2 PPT 2007.  It happens in the LMS or just web publish.  If you click through quickly it will permanently stick on the buffer (If the slides have audio it happens more often, if they have .swf's you can usually get it to stick).  The user then has to exit and restart.  I've also talked to adobe support, sadly nothing will fix your issue as long as you continue using Presenter 8, they changed the coding on how the system buffers and does playback. 

                            The three options I've found at this point are:

                            1. User a different software (Articulate, Lectora, Captivate)
                            2. Lock down the slides so the user can't jump around and leave on the preloading of content
                            3. Revert back to Presenter 7.0.7 (The broken buffer in 8 was more a problem than using 7.0.7)


                            Hopefully adobe decides to correct this in the next update, as it stands now, Presenter is basically an unusable product for our company.

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                              Also an issue for me, publishing from Presenter direct to Adobe Connect.


                              Embarassing for Adobe and embarassing for your customers.


                              Any chance of a reply from Adobe to give us piece of mind that they are actually working on this? Such an easy bug to reproduce.


                              If not I will have to follow the lead of many other users on this forum and find some better software.



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                                Has any resolution been provided for this problem yet?  We just started upgrading all our users to 8.  I'm on PPT2010 and publishing directly to the Adobe Connect server and I immediately started seeing the buffering problems.

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                                  Mr Sahu Level 1

                                  This issue has been resolved in presenter 9  and wokring correctly.


                                  Please try!




                                  Adobe Presenter Engg Team

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                                    I wish it were true.  I'm using 9.0.2 Build 173 and I still have horrendous buffering issues all over the place.  Especially horrid on the slides that have FLV video clips.


                                    I tried, and I would be pleased if you can suggest anything to fix this...




                                    >>>>>>>>>  Follow up after further testing:


                                    I was able to get expected performance (no buffering) when I deployed on a Linux/Apache server instead of the Windows/IIS server I was using originally.  Will continue to test to see if this issue exisits when I deploy on other IIS servers.