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    Options to improve chm compression?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Alright, some background: Our largest RH project when compiled into the chm (compiled html help) output is approx 46 mb huge with 2482 topics and thousands of images. It was originally a Doc-to-Help project that was converted into RH when we switched back in 2004, so most of the images are in gif. But since 2004, we started adding new images as jpg files. Some bmps and pngs have sneaked in as well (141 bmps, 665 jpg, 2864 gif, and 4 png). 


      I'm getting some push back from our systems people to see if we can drop the file size for our chm, because supporting 17 languages + the other smaller helps we distribute is making things bloated/unweildy I guess.


      My bmps have the largest file size. I tried converting those to jpg files and rebuilt the help today, but it didn't seem to help much--in fact the file size increased slightly. This makes me think The compression for bmps seems to be pretty darn good.


      What's the best image format to use for optimal compression/clarity?

      Also, are there other ways/things to do to improve the chm compression? Or is this just a factor of too many images/topcis?