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    Interactive Buttons Lose Interactivity


      I have been struggling with this for hours now. Please can someone assist me.

      I have created an Indesign document with 15 pages. I have a Navigation bar on the bottom of the master page with 5 buttons related to 5 different sections of the PDF. When a button is clicked, it needs to take the user to a specific page in the PDF document.


      I have created the rollover effect for the buttons, and allocated that on Click to take the person to a specific page.


      The document is finished, I have gone to File >export > Adobe PDF (interactive) and save.

      Then I get a popup warning saying "The Go To Page button action is not supported in PDF. The button appearance will be preserved, but it's interactivity will be dropped."


      From what I understand, this function is supposed to work.. ?? This PDF will be placed on an ipad for viewing. So not sure what steps to take now?


      If I try to export as a SWF file, I get a warning saying "The document has buttons that attempt to go to pages that do not exist. These actions will not be exported."


      What the heck am I doing wrong?? This is incredibly frustrating!