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    Adobe Captivate 6.0


      does adobe captivate 6.0 supports STATIC WIDGET for HTML5 Output?..


      or is there a way to access the system variables in captivate through Javascript for HTML5 Output?


      I really need your answers. Thank you.

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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



          Yes, HTML5 Supports Static Widget from Captivate 6.


          Interactive and Question Widgets are however, not supported.




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            Franzjean Level 1

            Do you have some links or example how to access those system variables in captivate (for HTML5 version)? I've doing this for almost one week but I didn't see any solutions forthis. I am making a new customized widget that could control the captivate commands like cpCmndPause,cpCmndNextSlide and other captivate commands. I'm making the .wdgt file in captivate so that it would support for both swf and html5 output. Thank you for your Help.