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    HDV 30p showing up as 29.97i UFF on Import??

    etremonti Level 1


      I just switched from CS4 to CS6. I've always edited my sony HDV (Mt2) 30p files natively in an HDV 1080p30 sequence without a problem in CS4. No rendering require. In CS6 however, when I import the files they show up as 29.97i UFF...and when I drop them into an HDV 1080p30 sequence I get told that the footage does not match the sequence setting, if I leave the sequence setting as is, the lovely red render line shows up above the footage (still plays back smoothly). If I change the sequence settings to match the footage, I'm now working in an HDV 29.97i UFF sequence. I work on a television show that delivers in 30p (29.97 progressive). Should I be worried or just go with the 29.97i UFF sequence?