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    Need help with creating rain in the scene background


      Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 5.17.05 PM.png


      Ok so the screenshot above is the scene i am working on.. I want to create a slight rain effect behind the two characters. I figured its not that hard but I really need help from AE experts.. I am not that great with AE.. So the appraoch i took was, I took the video added CC rain.. I know it looks somewhat cheap but I don't need the details I just need light rain in the background and its blurry anyway. I added CC rain to the video. Then I played with setting till I was happy. Then I added gaussian blur in order to blur up the rain drops and not make them look cheap. It worked, I got what I wanted. After that I added a second layer to the composition and inesrted the same video on top of the one i added rain to. Here is where my problem starts. I figured I would mask out the background so the rain from layer below would show.. Again it works.. However Two of them and the umbrella keep on moving all the time. Not much but sometimes it really shows.. Is there a way i can somehow add motion tracking to the mask. I really don't feel like keyframing the mask for every time they move. It will take forever. Shot is about 4 minutes long..... What would be the best solution?


      Thank you..