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    Maximus / Tesla - does anything for Pr performance?

    Alex - DV411 Level 2

      (sorry if this has been discussed already - couldn't find a thread dedicated to that)


      NVidia and Adobe published a few performance comparisons where it seems that Tesla (via Maximus) adds a lot of performance boost to Premiere Pro systems.


      Whereas everything else I read (including on this forum) indicates that the gains are primarily in smoother playback (fewer dropped frames in complex timelines), and when the 1st card is relatively weak - such as Quadro 2000 or 4000.


      Question 1: have I missed anything? Does Maximus do anything else besides helping with realtime playback.  (Please note that I am not talking about any other apps - CS or not. Premiere Pro performance only).


      Question 2: anyone tested the Maximum configuration against a decent GeForce card (GTX-670) or, say, Quadro 5000?


      E.g. what are the performance benefits of Maximus with Q5K against Q5K+Tesla, for Premiere Pro CS6?




      (Here is the stuff I checked before asking these questions:


      - Studio 1 Production benchmarking

      - http://forums.adobe.com/message/4027056#4027056

      - http://forums.adobe.com/message/4207177#4207177

      - NVIDIA Maximus and Premiere Pro CS5.52 by Dennis Radeke

      - PPBM5)